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It’s that whole “New Year, New You,” thing coming around again. But, maybe this is one of those cases where a phrase becomes so ubiquitous because it’s actually true. We all want to be our best selves, and the New Year is a great time to recommit to goals we want to make and people we want to be. Keep reading for some of the best ways to keep your skin looking beautiful in the New Year, and all the years to come.


Exfoliation is one of the best ways to give your skin a quick boost of radiance. Dead skin cells dull our complexion and keep our favorite products from reaching all of the skin evenly. A chemical peel or Hydrafacial can help you look more radiant, and also help prolong the effects of other treatments.


Injectables are so popular because they’re quick, easy, require little downtime, and leave you with amazing results. That being said, you’ll want to commit to regular appointments to keep your skin looking fabulous. Botox may need to be performed every three months, while dermal fillers may only need a retouch every six months.

Resurfacing Treatments

If you want a smooth, clear complexion, you may want to look into our deep resurfacing treatments. Give yourself a more radiant complexion that’s free of age spots, sun spots, and other signs of premature aging.


Collagen is what gives our faces that plump, youthful look. And, of course, our collagen production slows down as we age. So right when we need it, it’s gone! Microneedling treatments combined with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) can help give you more collagen, and a more youthful look.


If you have excess skin that you want to treat, Ultherapy is a great option to look into. This non-invasive procedure helps treat loose skin on the face, neck, and chest, so you’ll have tighter skin with fewer wrinkles.

Don’t wait to start taking care of your skin. We have treatments to give you the best results, and to maintain them for years to come. Call us today at (312) 971-6902 to schedule an appointment.