Let’s get down to business – There are plenty of people who are unhappy with the appearance and functionality of their anus. The anus is part of our digestive system, but it’s also a sexual organ. It’s tough to reconcile the two roles. On one hand, feces come out of the anus, and on the other hand, the anus and rectum are supplied by the same nerves that transfer the pleasurable sensations from the clitoris, vagina, penis, scrotum and prostate.  The anus is an integral part of sex for many people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

So now it’s time to shine a spotlight on anal rejuvenation and take the awkwardness out of the discussion!

First and foremost, anal stimulation is not just for gay people or only men, for the anatomical reasons stated above. We all have anuses and can receive pleasure from anal stimulation. Anal penetration does not define someone as “gay,” and there is no embarrassment in enjoying anal play.

The anus does take a toll since it’s used daily for excreting solid waste. The skin can look darker, wrinkled and leathery from chronic wiping and friction. This darkness is also caused by the hormones of pregnancy. Fissures and hemorrhoids can develop from constipation. There may be outpouchings, skin tags or even warts around the anus. The anal sphincter can feel looser and less sensitive as the elasticity declines with aging and mechanical stretching – similar to a vagina with menopause or after childbirth. The good news is that skin is skin, no matter where it’s located, so I know how to treat the anus.  Depending on the problem, lasers can be deployed and other non-invasive treatments to retexturize, lighten, brighten and tighten the skin and anal sphincter.

Starting with simple treatments, creams can be applied to slowly lighten and smooth the skin. For a more rapid resolution, gentle chemical peels can be used. For simple tightening of the anal sphincter and overall increased sensitivity, Emsella is a revolutionary treatment that is comfortable with no downtime. Emsella uses high intensity focused Electromagnetic Energy to create supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, performing the equivalent of 24,000 Kegels in 30 minutes. Emsella is FDA cleared for the treatment of male and female incontinence. Therapy has been shown to help with treating nerve damage from surgery for prostate cancer, and men report improved erections.

For those who desire anal tightening along with overall skin rejuvenation, lasers are used to smooth, lighten, brighten and tighten. A series of treatments is recommended since the anus is extremely sensitive. A popular addition to anal rejuvenation is the Emsculpt. This treatment builds the buttock muscles to create a butt lift and enhance the contour.

These procedures are also huge confidence builders! How many women post child birth are embarrassed to even go to their esthetician to get a bikini wax because of the way they look “down there”? How many couples sex lives have become non-existent because things don’t look the way they once did? These treatments are helping men and women regain, build and exude their confidence!

It’s time to shine the light on what so many of us are too embarrassed to talk about. If we can go to they gym, eat healthy and post pictures of ourselves on social media in our underwear about the amazing progress we have made on our new diet, why can’t we talk about anal rejuvenation and what it can do for us?

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