golden ratio philosophy

Our Philosophy

Golden Ratio Philosophy

Dr. Cheung

Based on the ancient Greek principle of the “golden ratio,” Dr. Cheung’s cosmetic injection treatment restores facial proportions and contours and addresses issues.

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Why Golden Ratio?


During your consultation with Dr. Cheung, she will measure your face with Phi calipers and determine the precise position for filler placement to achieve aesthetically pleasing proportions and ideal reflection of light.

Dr. Cheung’s injection treatment rejuvenates the face using the combined power of fillers and Botox to add volume and smooth out wrinkles without scarring, general anesthesia or downtime. With occasional maintenance treatments, you can avoid going under the knife.

Conditions Treated

Sagging brows
Hooded eyes
Hollowing around the eyes
Drooping tip of the nose
Low cheek position

Deep laugh lines
Drooping jowls
Weakened jaw line
Loose skin in the upper neck