Facial Plastic Surgery Willowbrook, IL
We don’t always love the word, “trends.” It can sometimes refer to fads or procedures that don’t suit everyone. But, honestly, it can also refer to new technologies and naturally-beautifying looks that seem destined to be around forever. That’s what we’re focusing on today: the new trends in the beauty world that help you feel more like the best version of yourself. Keep reading for the highlights of what is going on in the beauty world right now.

Better Fillers

Dermal fillers are getting better and better, and physicians are getting better and more refined in their application technique. New fillers with different weights and consistencies encourage your best results, without the downtime that comes with invasive surgeries or the scarring that can come from going under the knife.


Fillers allow you to try a new look without costly and invasive surgeries, or the permanence of them. If you’re not sure you’d like bigger lips, or how big you would like them to be, fillers are a great way to give them a try. If you’ve gone a little too big, it’s easy to reverse the look, or you can let them fade away naturally and try for something a little more subtle next time.

Botox and Lasers

Laser treatments can keep collagen production strong, and younger people are looking for the prevention of some of these treatments. More and more people are choosing to prevent wrinkles instead of treating them, and laser treatments aren’t the only treatments getting the love. The growing demand of Botox to prevent wrinkles is keeping us super busy. If you want to prevent invasive or costly surgeries, there are treatments to help prolong the need.

If you’re consistent with your sunscreen use and skincare, Botox can help prevent deep-set wrinkles created by muscle movements. Imagine avoiding the deep lines that you see on other people, and looking like an actress who’s aging gracefully (but subtly) instead.

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