When we think of traditional ways of spicing up our sexual experiences many are thinking lubes and lingerie, not plasma and needles. As our bodies change so does Science. Two methods that are helping men and women increase their sexual experiences as well as improve some of the short comings are the P-Shot and O-Shot.

The P-Shot is a non-surgical solution for erectile dysfunction and for natural sexual enhancement. This procedure utilizes growth factors extracted from a sample of your own blood, stimulating new tissue growth within the penis. This process uses PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, a nutrient and growth factor rich portion of your own blood, making it safe and natural.

There are many benefits to receiving the P-Shot. This shot provides a potential solution for Erectile Dysfunction. When talking about increasing a person’s sexual experience the P-Shot has been reported to increase blood and nerve circulation to the penis, as well as improve strength and intensity of orgasms. It also increases sexual stamina, increases libido and penis sensitivity. The P-shot can provide a solution for men post prostate surgery. It can be used synergistic with Testosterone, Viagra and Cialis Therapy. It can also be used to treated Peyronie’s Disease aka curved penis disease. This shot is also a medical solution for Lichen Sclerosus (plaque build up). The BIG bonus, no pun intended is that it can increase the length and girth of a penis by up to 10-20% and also improves its appearance.

So, you are probably thinking, this sounds amazing but do I really want to get a shot in my penis? The answer is, probably more than you think! The shot is not painful. You are fully anesthetized, and usually only feel a pressure as opposed to a pain. The actual process is performed very quickly. A blood sample is drawn and placed in a centrifuge to spin. Your PRP or Platelet Rick Plasma is then drawn into syringes and administered in to your body. You will use a penis pump for 10 minutes following the PRP
administration to ensure that the treatment holds in the area enhancing results.

A penis pump will be given to use 10 minutes twice daily for the six weeks following the P-Shot. This will ensure maximum stimulation to the penis, allowing the PRP to be more effective. In addition, testosterone and all other hormones will be optimized, laying the foundation for sexual health. When needed, other medications will be considered to give the best possible medical outcome. For some, results are experienced immediately. Most people will begin to see results within a few weeks with maximum benefit after three full months.

I believe that everyone should experience a healthy sexual life. With over 1 in 20 women complaining of Sexual Arousal Disorder, and another 1 in 20 women having orgasm issues, I believe that it is too important not to provide excellent sexual health alternatives. The O-shot is a sexual enhancement and rejuvenation procedure that utilizes growth factors extracted from a sample of your own blood, stimulating new tissue growth within the clitoris and vagina. There are many benefits of O-Shot therapy including: increased libido and sexual desire, increased clitoral and vaginal sensitivity, stronger, more intense and frequent orgasms, decreased urinary incontinence, increased vaginal lubrication, decreased painful intercourse (Dyspareunia), increased ability to experience vaginal orgasms (G Spot Orgasm), improved skin on the vulva, treatment option for lichen sclerosis and a tighter vaginal opening.

Much like the P-Shot, the O-Shot uses PRP to stimulate the growth of new cells in a woman’s vaginal walls and clitoris. The procedure is again much like the P-Shot with the patient being fully anesthetized, the process being very quick and without pain.

Don’t be afraid to throw away the lube and the lingerie and look for something that works for your body. Confidence is Sexy and this time Shots are Sexy!