Does Hot Weather Make Acne Worse? You May Not Like The Answer, But There’s Always A Solution 

July 23,2018 | Posted By: Lauren Sharkey


While this ongoing heatwave may have been full of late summer nights and fun in the sun, you may also have experienced one downside — constant breakouts. Those of us who are prone to acne may be confronted with this scenario every summer. No matter how well you eat or how good your skincare regime is, your face will still break out in spots as soon as the temperature rises. But can hot weather make acne worse or is the theory just a myth?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. When the sun begins to shine, your skin begins to sweat. All of this excess oil combines with dirt that you pick up during the day, sunscreen that you put on to protect from UV damage, and bacteria that naturally lies on your skin. All of this in turn causes pores to become clogged, dermatologist Dr. Jessie Cheung explained to New Beauty. And when pores are clogged, spots begin to develop.



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