Surgical Dermatology Willowbrook, IL
There are some situations where our skin just decides not to cooperate. Whether it’s fighting off a fungal infection, or it’s developed a mole, our skin can’t always operate perfectly. And, if you have a mole that is behaving funny, it may need to be removed. But, don’t worry, we can help with that. Keep reading to learn about surgical dermatology, and how we can help you in cases where you may need a little more than a relaxing treatment.

If, you have a mole that your doctor thinks is cancerous, removing the mole can help put a stop to a cancer. But, it doesn’t need to be scary for you to be bothered. Some people choose to have moles removed for cosmetic reasons or because they’re annoying. For instance, if you have a mole that lines up with a bra strap or underwear waistband, it could be getting irritated by being rubbed all day long. In instances such as these, removal is a great option.

Mole removal is a fairly straight-forward procedure. This is generally how it works:

A biopsy may be performed first, to see if the mole or spot should be removed. A biopsy helps determine if there is anything wrong with the mole, like melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. If your mole is simply bothersome, you may not need a biopsy performed, though we may perform one just to be sure.

We will can perform a skin biopsy by using a razor-like tool to shave off the mole, using a circular device to remove a section of the mole, or using a scalpel to remove the whole thing.

Mole removal is usually a straightforward procedure that doesn’t require too much of your day . First, your doctor will prepare the area and give you local pain-relieving medication.

Then, the surface of your skin is cleaned and disinfected, usually using an alcohol pad. The area then may be injected with local anesthesia like lidocaine. After that, the anesthesia should kick in, and your mole and the surrounding area will be numb.

Usually your doctor will use a scalpel or something similar to remove the mole and some surrounding tissue if necessary. You may feel some pressure, but nothing more.

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