anal rejuvenation


Anal Rejuvenation


Dupage Dermatology & Aesthetics offers anal rejuvenation in Willowbrook, IL to improve the look and feel of one of your most private areas. For anal rejuvenation, we use lasers and topical therapies for safe and effective rejuvenation.

Strengthening and renewing this tissue can alleviate aesthetic and medical concerns while gaining both confidence and comfort.

What is Anal Rejuvenation?

The Science Behind
Anal Rejuvenation

Anal rejuvenation with lasers is a safe and effective way to improve both the look and feel of one of your most private regions. Because this area is so private, both medical problems and cosmetic concerns have often been overlooked and unaddressed in the past. Lasers use the power of fractional laser resurfacing to restore, rejuvenate, and renew both the skin and mucosal surfaces of the anus.

The diVa and Infini™ lasers provide patients with healthier, more supple dermal tissue in the area while improving blood flow and functionality. Strengthening and renewing this tissue can help patients with aesthetic and medical concerns gain both confidence and comfort.


Why Choose



Our procedure and its progression will be kept entirely confidential and discreet every step of the way.

Board Certified Care

Dupage Dermatology’s Jessie Cheung, M.D. is one of the few medical practices that offers this exciting new procedure.

Custom Treatments

We are committed to understanding the treatment goals and aesthetic standards of each and every one of our patients before treatment.


Strengthen and tighten your dermal tissue to address medical and aesthetic concerns.