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Anal Rejuvenation


Cheung Aesthetics and Wellness offers anal rejuvenation in Willowbrook, IL to improve the look and feel of one of your most private areas. For anal rejuvenation, we use lasers and topical therapies for safe and effective rejuvenation.

Strengthening and renewing this tissue can alleviate aesthetic and medical concerns while gaining both confidence and comfort. This reconstructive service helps to tighten the muscles that are too elastic.

What Is Anal Rejuvenation?

The Science Behind
Anal Rejuvenation

Anal Rejuvenation Willowbrook FL

The anus is not an area of the body that we want to disregard. This region is involved in vital functional and sexual aspects of life that, despite any degree of taboo, deserves cosmetic and medical attention. The tone and overall structure of the anal muscles may deteriorate over time due to the loss of collagen that affects all tissue in the body. Childbirth, sex, and certain medical treatments may also degrade the rectal area.

Anal rejuvenation is an innovative group of treatments that have shown promising results in restoring adequate strength, shape, elasticity, and appearance to this important body part. In our Willowbrook, IL office, anal rejuvenation is conducted as a non-surgical procedure using one of two proven, FDA-approved devices.





INFINI Radiofrequency

Anal Rejuvenation Chicago IL | Anal Treatment Willowbrook

INFINI is a device manufactured by Lutronic for the safe delivery of radiofrequency energy (RF). Radiofrequency occurs at the same frequency as radio waves but is considered electrical. Sending controlled electrical energy into the skin gently heats targeted cells to create an influx of collagen protein. As you may know, collagen is the systemic chemical that the body produces to heal wounds. This protein is also valuable for tissue firmness, elasticity, and suppleness.

INFINI is a fractional, multipolar device that affects multiple layers of the skin and dermal tissue for more profound improvements with little to no downtime.

diVa is a Hybrid Fractional Laser that was originally developed for vaginal rejuvenation. This device delivers precise wavelengths of laser energy to address intimate issues in both the vaginal canal and the rectal region. The absorption of energy into soft tissue leads to thickening and increased vascularity that support firmness and strength.

Both devices have been strenuously tested in clinical trials to confirm safety, predictability, and comfort.

Who Is A Candidate For Anal Rejuvenation?

Anal rejuvenation is intended to help men and women regain muscle tone and definition as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The non-surgical treatments utilized in our office can improve the pigmentation and smoothness of external tissue and improve the strength and thickness of internal muscle tissue for better control, comfort, and confidence.

You may be an excellent candidate for anal rejuvenation if you are in good general health and have realistic expectations of what is possible with non-surgical tissue tightening. If muscle atrophy has occurred due to aging, use, or childbirth and is affecting continence or sexual pleasure, contact our office for more information regarding non-surgical anal rejuvenation.

Benefits of Anal Rejuvenation

Why Choose


There are unique benefits to laser and radiofrequency treatments for tissue tightening. The careful application of appropriate energies promotes physical and sexual health without much downtime, if any at all. Anal rejuvenation offers benefits including:


Our procedure and its progression will be kept entirely confidential and discreet every step of the way.

Board Certified Care

Jessie Cheung, M.D. is one of the few medical practices that offers this exciting new procedure.

Custom Treatments

We are committed to understanding the treatment goals and aesthetic standards of each and every one of our patients.

Boost In Wellness

This procedure can give you a boost in wellness by dramatically improving your physical and sexual health.

Improved Appearance & Function

Better sphincter muscle strength and tone

Skin Refinement & Regeneration

This can potentially improve fissures, hemorrhoids, or other conditions.

What to Expect During the Laser Treatment

Anal Rejuvenation Chicago IL

Before conducting anal rejuvenation, we sit down with our patients to discuss their concerns and expectations. It is important that we understand each individual situation so treatment can be customized to fit each person’s needs. Our main objective in consulting with patients is to ensure they know what to expect from their treatment and that they feel comfortable throughout their treatment process.

The treatment protocol differs slightly between INFINI and diVa processes. The details of each procedure are discussed during the consultation based on our discussion of needs and expected outcome.

Does The Anal Rejuvenation Treatment Hurt?

We understand the delicate nature of the anal region and do everything we can to make treatments comfortable for each patient.

INFINI radiofrequency treatment is conducted after a topical numbing cream has been applied to desensitize nerve endings in the skin. The localized nature of the outer rectal tissue may shorten treatment time to under 30 minutes. During the procedure, a small handpiece is passed over the skin three times. Each time, the device delivers energy to a particular depth. As radiofrequency waves are absorbed, a slight warming sensation may be felt.

diVa laser rejuvenation is conducted in a short 3 to 7-minute session. A small probe is carefully inserted into the canal and the sterile device rotates as it delivers Hybrid Fractional Laser energy in a 360-degree pattern. The energy heats and shrinks dermal tissue in a uniform manner to provoke regeneration through collagen retraction and stimulation. Patients typically feel only minor pressure from the insertion of the treatment probe.

Results After Anal Rejuvenation


The nature of non-surgical treatments is that they work with the body’s natural healing capabilities. A single rejuvenation treatment provokes fibroblast cells in the dermis to produce more collagen. This increase rebuilds tissue over time, restoring strength and thickness beginning immediately and on an ongoing basis for several months. Every patient is different but many people express improved sensations right away after they begin their recommended treatment protocol.

There is typically no downtime after non-surgical tissue rejuvenation treatments. Patients are advised to avoid intercourse for 48 hours after each session.

“The staff is amazing! I love the warm, welcoming vibe when you enter the doors of the lobby and checking in is such a breeze. I have had several appointments for laser and my aesthetician is always super welcoming and open to questions. Jessie is so thoughtful and always cares about her patients when they are in need! Amazing place, highly recommend !!” – Ankita S.

Anal Rejuvenation Risks

Performed by a board-certified practitioner, there are very few risks associated with non-surgical anal rejuvenation. The devices we use are heat-based and feature built-in safety mechanisms that minimize the risks of overheating tissues.

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