buttock augmentation

Buttock Augmentation
in Willowbrook, IL

Buttock Augmentation


At Cheung Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer buttock augmentation / Brazilian butt lifts in Willowbrook, IL for individuals wanting to increase fullness, roundness, and projection of their butt and/or buttocks. Dupage Dermatology & Aesthetics uses Sculptra or fat transfer to increase volume in the buttocks.

Buttock Augmentation, or Brazilian Butt Lifts, helps you own your curves. By adding shape and volume to your buttocks you can experience a more symmetrical and/or voluptuous appearance.

What is Buttock Augmentation?

Love Your

Buttock Augmentation, or Brazilian Butt Lifts, are ideal for people who want a larger, more shaped and/or symmetrical butt. At Dupage Dermatology, we offer Sculptra and fat transfer to create the perfect curves you love.

Fat Transfer can generate transformative results with natural resources found in the body. Fat Transfer uses noninvasive techniques to take excess fat from unwanted areas in the body and is injected back into volume-deficient areas. Sculptra is a dermal filler that has the power to reach the deep collagen molecules to improve the appearance of the skin.


Why Choose

Buttock Augmentation?

Safe Procedure

A buttock augmentation is performed using minimally invasive techniques. Both Sculptra and fat transfer are physician facilitated for safe and effective results.

Natural Rejuvenation

Fat Transfer uses natural, excess fat found in the body to enhance your buttocks. Sculptra is also an FDA approved injectable to improve the appearance of skin.

Body Contouring Solution

Excess fat can be taken from various areas of the body and injected back into the butt for a fuller and more symmetrical look.


Patients can experience immediate results after their augmentation and can last for up to a few years as the fat is integrated and collagen increases in production.


Feel comfortable and confident with a buttock augmentation – fuller, more round and sculpted buttocks.