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Dupage Dermatology & Aesthetics offers CoolSculpting in Willowbrook, IL, to remove unwanted, stubborn body fat that resists diet and exercise. Our CoolSculpting® treatments are among our top-requested services for non-surgical fat reduction.

Learn More About Coolsculpting

“I’ve struggled with stubborn love handles for years. Nothing worked until I tried CoolSculpting. The results are amazing without the hassle of going under the knife.”

– Lisa, 45

The only FDA-approved treatment that removes fat permanently without extensive surgery or downtime.

What is CoolSculpting?

The Science Behind

Featuring revolutionary Cryolipolysis® technology, CoolSculpting® gently targets fat cells underneath the skin while keeping surrounding tissues intact. During a typical CoolSculpting® treatment, a handheld device is placed on treated areas and the controlled cooling is administered, freezing underlying fat. These cells are then permanently disabled and are gradually removed by the body through natural processes.

Dupage Dermatology is one of few practices in Illinois to offer Dual Sculpting, a technique that involves two CoolSculpting machines working simultaneously to reduce fat volume and create slimmer, more toned results in half the time. Dual Sculpting is ideal for busy patients who are seeking dynamic results but have limited time to spend in our office. Dupage Dermatology offers a comprehensive approach to maximize your CoolSculpting treatment experience and results.


Why Choose

Safe & Comfortable

CoolSculpting® is specifically designed for safety and comfort, allowing patients to relax, read, check mobile devices, or even nap during the procedure.


CoolSculpting can be used on many areas of the body including the abdomen, love handles, thighs, arms, submental area (underneath the chin) and the neck.


This is a non-invasive and gentle procedure with virtually no downtime. In most cases you can return to work and resume most of your activities immediately.

Permanent Removal

Once the fat cells are removed, they are gone for good. Multiple sessions may be necessary in order to achieve desired results.


After the body has naturally removed the fat cells, patients will experience a slimmer, more contoured physique.