deep resurfacing

Deep Resurfacing
in Willowbrook, IL

Deep Resurfacing


Dupage Dermatology & Aesthetics offers Deep Resurfacing in Willowbrook, IL, to patients wanting to significantly improve the appearance of aged and/or sun-damaged skin. Deep Resurfacing uses an ablative laser wavelength and one of the most effective cosmetic procedures for improving aging skin.

“I love my new face after laser resurfacing. My wrinkles are gone and my skin is baby-smooth”


Treats fine to moderate wrinkles, liver spots, age spots, uneven skin tone, sun-damaged skin, acne, and scars.

What is Deep Resurfacing?

Effective for
Improving Aging Skin

Deep, or ablative resurfacing works by delivering an intense wavelength of light to the skin, which removes the outer layers of aged or sun damaged skin. In addition, the laser stimulates the underlying skin, resulting in collagen formation and an improvement in wrinkles. As the lasered skin heals following the procedure, new skin forms that is smoother and tighter.

Ablative lasers remove the top layer of the skin and part of the sub-layer to remove damaged skin. Non-ablative fractional lasers (such as the Fotona 4D) keep the outer layer of skin in place, for faster healing and recovery. The body’s natural healing process creates new, healthy tissue to replace the areas of affected tissue, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin.


Why Choose
Deep Resurfacing?

Physician Facilitated

Deep Resurfacing is performed by our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Jessie Cheung.

Procedure Time

Deep Resurfacing lasts from 30-minutes to 2 hours, depending on the intensity of the treatment.

Deep Resurfacing

A deep skin resurfacing procedure which removes the top layers of aged skin to reveal smooth, supple and an even skin tone.

Applicable on Many Areas

Deep Resurfacing can be used to treat the signs of aging on many areas of the body – including the face, neck, chest, arms and legs.


Target the deep causes of aging and let your body do the work to generate new, healthier and younger looking skin.