fat transfer & prp

Fat Transfer & PRP
in Willowbrook, IL

Fat Transfer & PRP


At Cheung Aesthetics and Wellness we offer ALMI, fat transfer and PRP injections in Willowbrook, IL for individuals wanting a more natural filler option to enhance the appearance of the face. With fat transfer & PRP injections, you revitalize your skin with your body’s own resources – leading to minimal side effects.

Autologous fat is a longer lasting, natural alternative to traditional dermal fillers. While dermal fillers are a great solution to enhance the appearance of the face, most dermal fillers only last 6 months to a few years. Fat transfer is another option.

Fat Transfer with PRP is taking the cosmetic world by storm for its ability to aid in regenerating fresh, new skin and tissues naturally.

What is Fat Transfer & PRP?


Together, Fat Transfer and PRP can generate transformative results with natural resources found in the body. Fat Transfer uses noninvasive techniques to take excess fat from unwanted areas in the body and is injected back into volume deficient areas with PRP to enhance results.

PRP is created from a small sample of the patient’s blood that is spun in a centrifuge and divided into its separate components. PRP is the liquid portion of the blood infused with a high concentration of platelets – these cells are responsible for clotting but also contain a high number of natural growth factors.

ALMI is another form of fat transfer. ALMI stands for Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection. ALMI is an all-natural, simple outpatient procedure that can reverse the aging process and enhance the appearance of the face, hands, and hair. ALMI uses micronized fat transfer with PRP.

ALMI uses a purer progenitor cell transfer, making it better for restoring youthful natural shape to the face, with results that outlast the average filler. What is a progenitor cell? A progenitor cell is like a stem cell, it has a tendency to differentiate into a specific type of cell. This process makes ALMI ideal for natural enhancement in many areas of the body. PRP is a liquid substance with a high concentration of platelets – the cells responsible for clotting but also contains a high number of natural growth factors.


Why Choose
Fat Transfer &
PRP Injections?

Safe Procedure

Fat Transfer & PRP are both generated using minimally invasive techniques. Both procedures are physician facilitated for safe and effective results.

Natural Rejuvenation

Both Fat Transfer & PRP uses substances naturally found in the body to produce natural, long-lasting results.

Versatile Solution

Excess fat can be taken from various areas of the body. PRP can be used for a variety of treatments including non-surgical face lifts, hair growth and sexual rejuvenation.


PRP reaches the inner layers of skin, where it aids in the regeneration of fresh skin. Fat transfer will increase volume in the area of the injection. Patients can experience quick, positive results.


Results may vary from patient to patient, but most patients experience long-lasting, subtle enhancement that lasts for several months to years.