man shot

Man Shot
in Willowbrook, IL

Man Shot


Cheung Aesthetics and Wellness offers the Man Shot in Willowbrook, IL to men wanting to improved erectile function, girth, and length of the penis.

A natural, non-surgical male enhancement procedure safely performed in a doctor’s office.

What is the Man Shot?

Male Enhancement

The Man Shot uses a combination of micro-ionized fat transfer and PRP – the fat is a repository of stem cells, which PRP activates. The Man Shot is injected quite differently than the P-Shot. Instead of injecting into vascular space (corpus cavernosum), the Man Shot is injected into the plane above the vascular space along the shaft, down the base of the shaft under the skin, and thus by the anus. The Man Shot can help tremendously with erections. By putting pressure at the very base, the blood will stay in the penis to maintain an erection.

PRP is a natural growth factor which helps improve the overall health, vitality, size and appearance of the penis. By concentrating and administering multiple natural growth factors along with fat as a filler and stem cell repository, patients can experience natural, lasting rejuvenation.


Why Choose
The Man SHot?

Improved Sexual Experience

The Man Shot can help men improve their sexual capabilities, stamina, sensation and pleasure for a more fulfilling sex life.

Increase Size

The Man Shot has the potential to improve erectile function, and increase the girth and length of the penis.

No Down Time

Patients experience little to no downtime after receiving a Man Shot. You can return to work and resume day-to-day activities the same day.

Repeated Treatments

It may be necessary to receive more than one Man Shot to achieve your goals. There are additional benefits with subsequent Man shot procedures.


Restore your erectile function and increase your girth and/or length of your penis with the Man Shot at Dupage Dermatology and Aesthetics.

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