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Man Shot
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Man Shot


Cheung Aesthetics and Wellness offers the Man Shot in Willowbrook, IL to men wanting to improved erectile function, girth, and length of the penis.

The man shot is a non-surgical male enhancement procedure safely performed in Dr, Cheung’s office.

What is the Man Shot?

Male Enhancement

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The Man Shot is an innovative method of restoring an air of youthfulness to a man’s sexual health. An in-office treatment that does not require incisions or sedation, the Man Shot uses all-natural substances: fat and growth factors that are found in the blood.

Dr. Cheung is on the cutting edge of regenerative aesthetic and sexual wellness treatments and is proud to offer this advantageous treatment in our Willowbrook office.

Benefits Of The Man Shot

The Man Shot involves two specific techniques: platelet-rich plasma injections and fat transfer. The introduction of these products directly into the penis results in a number of benefits


Improved Sexual Experience

The Man Shot can help men improve their sexual capabilities, stamina, sensation and pleasure for a more fulfilling sex life.

Increased Size

The Man Shot has the potential to improve erectile function, and increase the girth and length of the penis.

No Down Time

Patients experience little to no downtime after receiving a Man Shot. You can return to work and resume day-to-day activities the same day.

Repeated Treatments

It may be necessary to receive more than one Man Shot to achieve your goals. There are additional benefits with subsequent Man shot procedures.

How Does Man Shot Work?

The Man Shot uses the ALMI™ procedure, which uses the regenerative cells that are already in your body. These cells live in fatty tissue and in the blood. Dr. Cheung has received special training in this methodology to maximize both safety and efficacy for our patients.

One of the ways that the Man Shot works is to increase the pressure at the base of the penis as it exits the pelvis. This is achieved with the fat transfer aspect of treatment. Fat is also injected along the shaft of the penis. With extra tissue in these areas, blood that enters the penile shaft is held in place and erection is sustained.

The second way that the Man Shot works is by introducing a stimulating bio-cellular matrix into the area of the penis. This is achieved with PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. This substance contains numerous growth factors that enhance regenerative functions including collagen remodeling, nerve regeneration, and blood cell reproduction. These functions are vital to penile sensitivity, size, and function.


Who Is A Candidate For Man Shot?

Men struggling with conditions such as erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s (and the painful intercourse it can cause), and slight urinary incontinence may be excellent candidates for Man Shot treatment. However, many of the men who seek this treatment do so to promote better sexual function and wellness in general.

Men may wish to restore confidence and intimacy with their partner, to see an improvement in the size of their penis or to add length to their penile shaft. Dr. Cheung conducts a thorough consultation and evaluation prior to Man Shot treatment and develops a treatment protocol to achieve the best results for every patient.

Man Shot Treatment

Man Shot Chicago IL

Man Shot treatment begins with a minor fat-harvesting procedure. Areas from which fat may be harvested include the abdomen, flanks, or upper buttocks. A local anesthetic is administered into the selected area, then a small cannula (hollow tube) is used to extract fat cells. Once the fat has been obtained, blood is collected from the arm, just as is done in a medical lab. Both fat and blood are processed to separate nutrient-dense matter from other cells. When fat is separated, the desired cells are then micronized, or liquefied, to enable us to inject them easily into the subcutaneous tissue.

Patient comfort is one of our highest priorities, in addition to safety and optimal results. Man Shot treatment is conducted in a private treatment room. No anesthesia is needed, but some patients choose to have us administer nitrous oxide to calm their nerves. A local anesthetic is applied at the base of the penis and along the shaft as needed to reduce nerve receptivity. Fat is then injected at critical areas, followed by PRP injections. The entire process typically takes an hour or less.

Man Shot vs. P-Shot

The P-Shot® or Priapus Shot® was one of the first methods of naturally enhancing penile function to be developed. This methodology revolves around the regenerative qualities of platelet-rich plasma. The P-Shot is intended to stimulate collagen remodeling in the penis and enhance vascularization for improved erectile function. The Man Shot utilizes the various growth factors in PRP and combines this technique with micronized fat transfer to achieve maximum results. The Man Shot not only supports erectile function with growth factors but also with direct structural enhancement via fat cells.

Is There Any Recovery After Man Shot?

There is minimal downtime, which consists of bruising, swelling, and some soreness. Regular activities can be resumed immediately, although sexual intercourse should be avoided for the first few days.

What Results Can I Expect From Man Shot?


Men treated with the Man Shot have reported an increase in confidence in their sexual wellness due to improved stamina and performance. It is important to know that results are dependent on the individual healing response of each person. Some men may require more than one treatment to achieve the size or erectile increase they desire.

Clinical data suggests that men can expect to notice a physical difference in the size or appearance of their penis soon after treatment. Erectile function may continue to improve over time as collagen is remodeled and blood vessels regenerate.

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