vitamin d injections

Vitamin D Injections
in Willowbrook, IL

Vitamin D Injections


Cheung Aesthetics and Wellness offers Vitamin D Injections in Willowbrook, IL, to naturally kickstart your body’s metabolism to help burn fat. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin which offers more benefits than simply bone strength. Vitamin D can be helpful for your skin, hair, immune system and thyroid.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient in the body which can benefit the health of your skin, hair, immune system, thyroid and more.

What are Vitamin D Injections?

Boost Your Energy

Vitamin D is more than just a vitamin, it is a hormone that is important for not just for your bones and skin, but also for your metabolism and immune system. Vitamin D is made from your skin in the sun or obtained from your diet in enriched milk or small oily fish.

You need vitamin D for fat metabolism, and research indicates that a higher normal range of vitamin D is ideal. It is difficult to achieve an optimal range with today’s lifestyles. We recommend oral supplementation or Vitamin D injections.


Why Choose
Vitamin D Injections?

Natural Substance

When administered in doses that are appropriate for the patient, Vitamin D is biocompatible and easily processed by the body.

Physician Facilitated

Vitamin D injections are facilitated by our board certified dermatologist and our professional medical staff.


Vitamin D can stimulate your body’s metabolism to burn fat more efficiently. Experience a leaner, slimmer you more naturally.