Do you want a younger looking face and neck, but don’t want to go under the knife? You’re in luck, because new treatments can take ten to fifteen years off your neck and can even help prevent more invasive surgical procedures. New noninvasive and minimally invasive options have revolutionized how we approach beautifying treatments targeting the neck.

We can utilize injectables to lift skin, ultrasound and radio frequency to boost collagen production, and lasers to improve the surface appearance of the skin. Sagging in the neck is caused by a breakdown of collagen and elastin due to aging, genetics, and environmental factors like sun exposure.

The first line of attack is the jaw, where loss of bone and muscle from aging leads the neck skin below to sag. You can have a filler like Voluma injected at the spot where the earlobe meets the jaw. It pulls the skin up subtly, and the results are immediate. To soften the look of dramatic neck bands, consider having Botox along the vertical muscles of the neck to create a smoother look.

Once the structure that holds up the neck has been strengthened, Ultherapy and radio frequency treatments can firm and tighten the skin. Ultherapy’s ultrasound waves go deep beneath the surface, stimulating new collagen production. There is minimal downtime, which is great for busy patients.

Ultherapy heats the skin and boosts collagen. For mild to moderate skin laxity, it can be used alone, but you can also combine it with other procedures or treatments. Some people report that Ultherapy feels like a hot stone massage. It takes about an hour but may require up to five treatments for the best results

We can help reverse signs of aging but, of course, prevention is best. Sunscreen should be used daily to help prevent damage from UV rays. And prescription Retin-A can also help delay crepiness in skin. But for serious prevention, consider Ultherapy.

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